Explore the Mysteries of the Universe for Living a Conscious, Vibrant and Magical Life During the Healing Magic and Mystery Summit - A FREE Global Online Event
November 11th-21st 2014


During The Summit You Will:

Receive a live personal energy healing

Learn breathing techniques for optimum health

Discover your style of manifesting- mystic or magician

Realize through a subtle shift how you live a magical life

Access your own inner counselor

Explore the mysteries of life, death and the afterlife

Find out how important sound is to your well being

Discover what type of music works best for work, sleep and creativity

Learn practical tips for vibrant, juicy aging

Receive practical tips and tools to overcome addictions once and for all

And more!!


Meet the Mystics, Magicians, and Healers You Will Get to Learn From First Hand During the Healing, Magic and Mystery Summit

Hosted by Cristina Smith

The Summit is Now Over - Though You Can Still Enter Your Name and Email Below to Stay Up to Date with Future Events from The Panacea Community and Nathan Crane

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